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The Building Industry Association (BIA) of Greater Louisville is committed to continuous improvement by providing excellence in programs and services to meet the members diversified needs, and in order to provide quality housing for all citizens within their community. The BIA of Greater Louisville includes more than 2,000 member companies, corporations and individuals involved in the residential and commercial building and development, product development, services and sales industry. Logan Lavelle Hunt has been an associate member of the BIA since 1984 and was endorsed as the preferred association insurance and investment provider around the same time. Since the beginning of this partnership Logan Lavelle Hunt has helped the BIA and it’s members save both time and money on their personal, business and health insurance as well as recently creating a new Association 401(k) plan that allows each member the ability to invest in their future.

Contact JP DeLaney for additional information about the commercial/business insurance and group health insurance programs. Contact Aaron McAndrew for more information about the association 401(k) plan. You can also reach our advisors at the office by calling (502) 499-6880.

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