Association Health Plans

Stability in an unstable health insurance landscape

As hard as you work it's good to have a health plan that's got your back. Logan Lavelle Hunt's expert advisors are here to help you cut through all the guess work that comes along with group benefits to find you a health plan that is affordable, flexible and valuable to your employees. 

On average group benefits are less expensive and provide more coverage. Through Logan Lavelle Hunt, our Association members have access to coverage provided by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. This coverage offers over 10,000 doctors in Indiana or Kentucky, a dedicated service team, and plans that contribute to lower overhead expenses, bigger discounts and less out-of-pocket costs.

Your association group health insurance program can provide these advantages: 
  • Purchasing power by aggregating many employers into a larger group
  • Lower administrative costs, which allow savings to be passed on to the employer
  • Lower rates for qualified employer groups
  • Wide range of benefit plan options for employers from 2-100 employees
  • Stability for your business and your employees
In order to participate you must meet these qualifications:
  • You must have at least 2 employees on the plan (Husband and Wife can qualify)
  • You must offer the benefit to all employees and owners working 30+ hours per week.
  • You must be able to document employment or ownership with tax records
  • You must pay at least 50% of the single premium for all who participate
  • You must complete an application with medical questions for each employee to be covered
  • You must be actively engaged in your associations respective trade

Bottom line, guess work doesn't belong in heath care, for more information about association group benefits contact Scott Church or call 502-499-6880.  


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