by Dave Covington

All truckers be aware -- road check week is June 6,7 and 8.  Focus this year is supposed to be on load securement but we all know if they see something else they will write it up.

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The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration will delay the July 1 compliance date for the electronic submission of the 2016 Form 300A, the agency said Wednesday.

The record-keeping rule requires certain employers submit injury and illness data electronically. The rule applies to establishments with 250 or more employees and establishments with less than 250 employees but 20 or more in certain high-risk industries.

by Stan Logan

With the potential changes to the Affordable Care Act in the future, just a reminder that current legislation and policies are still in place.  During this recent enrollment, employers need to prepare to receive, process, and appeal ACA subsidy appeal notifications.

If you need any assistance, please call the agency.

by Stan Logan

In a recent article by Jamin Armstead, he talked about how to protect your assets with life insurance.  He mentioned that approximately 36% of American families are headed by a single parent and 72% of black families are single-parent families.  What happens should something happen to that parent? 

by Steve Church

Since 2010 Kentucky, Indiana and the nation and specifically small business has been completely confused by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare as the media likes to call it.  There have been delays, court rulings, exemptions, expansions, and even a few new insurers enter into the market that didn’t quite make it past the first couple of years of their fledgling efforts.  All of this, while completely unsettling, has really not changed the fundamental way that most people obtain health insurance in Kentucky.  The majority of Kentuckians obtain health insurance t

by Stan Logan

I'm constantly contacted by younger agents who have taken the leap of faith and decided to become an insurance agent. They are drawn in to a sales pitch of easy money. Sign up your friends and colleagues. Now what. Build out your network is the response. Agent doesn't see the quick money and they decide on a career change. or they make some progress and determine that where they are at is not the best place for growth. They can't leave because of the non compete in the contract.

by Stan Logan

Claim settlement for roof damage is getting more complicated every year. Is there damage or is there no damage. Insurance companies don't open up the checkbook and pay the claim anymore. They hire forensic engineers to evaluate roofs for damage. It is hard to disprove an expert. 

by Stan Logan

While attending a LLH recent sales summit, John Miranda at Pinnacle Properties made a comment about risk vs reward. He is a developer and a construction contractor and explained in his business that every day he has extreme risk and chooses to focus on the reward associated with that. That's when it hit me. Everything we do in the sales business is risk vs reward. We risk an embarrassing cold call for a chance at a reward. We risk our reputation for a reward. We argue with claim adjusters for a reward. I think John said it best. Don't focus on the risk but the reward. Thank you John.

by Steve Church

Blog from the Anthem Web Site

The health care industry is quietly going through a historic change. More and more often, medical care is being handled remotely — rather than face-to-face — via a system known as telemedicine. This new system has already yielded significant benefits and should continue to expand, despite a few challenges. As a business that wants to offer top-of-the-line health care to its employees, it’s time to get up to speed on this latest trend and take stock of what it potentially offers your workforce.

by Hunt Calvert

Ten years ago Cyber Insurance was in its infancy.  Today, this insurance coverage has more than $2 billion in premiums and both its growth in premiums and skyrocketing claims are advancing at double digit rates.

Today, claims cost are being spread over numerous categories that we failed to realize in the recent past.   Now we are paying for crisis management, including notification and credit/ID monitoring, legal defense, regulatory expense, PCI fines, assessments and fraud.

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