Insurance Career

I'm constantly contacted by younger agents who have taken the leap of faith and decided to become an insurance agent. They are drawn in to a sales pitch of easy money. Sign up your friends and colleagues. Now what. Build out your network is the response. Agent doesn't see the quick money and they decide on a career change. or they make some progress and determine that where they are at is not the best place for growth. They can't leave because of the non-compete in the contract.

Young people, please, do your research. Yes you might have to go backward to go forward. That's exactly what successful people have been doing for years. Get with an independent insurance agency that is interested in you long term. Family values are important.

At LLH, we are interested in you as a long term career agent. That is our way of perpetuating the agency. The business is not easy and it's not quick but can be very rewarding and lucrative. We test all our new agents. This gives you the confidence that you are making a good decision to move forward. So give us a call and get the good, the bad and the ugly. We want you to be successful!

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