Did You Know Roof Claim Settlements Are Complicated

Claim settlement for roof damage is getting more complicated every year. Is there damage or is there no damage. Insurance companies don't open up the checkbook and pay the claim anymore. They hire forensic engineers to evaluate roofs for damage. It is hard to disprove an expert.

Also now if there is damage we have to contend with which deductible to apply and every company does it differently. Then is the roof settlement on an Actual Cash Value (ACV) or replacement cost based on the age of the roof or policy wording. The customer should review the settlement provisions of their policy and decide if that best fits their needs. Many times the cheapest homeowners policy has the worst settlement provision or you get what you pay for.

At LLH we make our customers aware of the myriad of options available with Homeowners Insurance and the changes that can happen in the Industry. Let us uncomplicate the process for you. Give LLHins a call. 

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